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How Do I find people 
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FAQ: A free how-to guide to finding anyone that answers your questions

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How many of us have wanted to find old friends, relatives, classmates, adoption history, a person's background and other information about people? Or maybe you want to verify who has been using your social security number. The information presented here has been collected as a result of many years of searching experience and is provided free to you. I began searching when I wanted to find relatives in the United States and other countries. Perhaps this information will help you find someone.

This guide is organized to quickly find your topic of interest. I have highlighted and underlined words and phrases that are key and important and when these "hyperlinks" are clicked on, they will take you to the best of the breed website that provides that particular information. These methods are significantly less expensive than hiring a private investigator who may charge thousands of dollars without promising results. Following these investigation suggestions can allow you to use the internet and  your own internet detective.

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I need to find an address

An expedient method to find a person's address is to submit a search to a powerful nation-wide address lookup service. You don't even need to know the state, the search includes all 50 states. If the person has a unique name, the report will locate the person without many other non-relevant addresses.  If the person has a very common name, you may receive too many results and the topics below will help you narrow down your search. You can focus your search by including a middle initial, birth date, city, age or range of ages, SSN, etc. Conversely, if you cannot find anyone, then the topics below will help you understand other search techniques. You can broaden your search by using a partial first name or no first name, a broad age range or no age, by not specifying a city or state to search the US,  by providing alias names, etc

 I need to find classmates for my grade school, high school or college reunion

How can I find so many people quickly and without spending a lot of money? The issue here is low cost and a very effective search tool. What is needed is a service offering powerful searches at a low cost providing professional features such as age range, date of birth, social security number SSN, address history, alias names, maiden names, and more.

Find a person using a social security number SSN

If you happen to know the person's social security number, the search is easy. You will be able to get a history showing the current as previous addresses, date of birth, phone numbers, date of issuance, SSN validity, death record status and more. 

How do I find people's birth dates?

Simple, just go to to get the date of birth and more...

Find a person using a birth date

If you know the person's date of birth, a search is very accurate and will report the person you need to find. Because there maybe other people of the same name and birthdate, you may receive multiple records; however, these can be validated by calling by phone or by mailing a letter

Find a person just using the first name and birth date

If you are searching for a person who may be using a different last name (e.g. orphans, married women), then do a search using just a first name and birthdate!

How do I find a person who has moved?

If you have the last address  you can search an address history record to get the latest address.

Who are the occupants of the address?

If you have located the last or previous address but the person has moved and left no forwarding address, you can search for a list of occupants. You can then contact them by phone or mail

Who is the owner of the last address

If you have a new or old address of the person, you can find out the owner's name and phone number by searching for a property record!

What if the person is dead?

If the person you need to find is deceased, a phone directory search will not likely find the person. You will need to perform a death record search. The report usually provides the date and place of birth as well as the birth date. If the death record search does not provide any results, the reasons may be for any of the following:

  • Death not reported to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

  • Been dead less than 2 months - the Social Security Administration requires time to collect and process death notices

  • Death occurred prior to 1962

  • Person did not participate in the Social Security program.

  • Recent death not reported

  • Moved out of the country

  • Not be dead

I know the person's maiden name

If you know the women's maiden name, then a marriage record search may locate the person. Also try a divorce record search

Have you ever needed to find a person but were not sure of the last name? 

This often occurs because the person has legally changed the last name (i.e. usually a woman who marries), or simply because the last name may have been misspelled. 

Find people by searching using first name and birthdate. If you have just a date of birth, you can find a woman whose last name has changed! A great people finder to help locate high school friends for a reunion. 

Search using just the person's first name and birthday to find an address. If more than one address is found, the report will show the address history. You can find a person's birth date, full name, address and, if available, the phone number

I know the person's alias name

Often a person uses a name that is not the recorded name. Try a search using possible alias names

I know the person's mother, father, brother or sister

If you know the names of relatives, locate those relatives using a person search 

I have an old telephone number

If you have an old number, you can reverse search the phone directory. Most free reverse phone directories do not keep old numbers so you may have to use a finder service that provides a 20 year address and phone history

Investigate employment job work records

Just about everyone has worked somewhere at least once. Get a work employment report to provide work licenses and other background information.

Try a property record search

You can search for all properties owned by the person. The results provide the owner's name, address, and usually phone number

The person may be in jail or prison

Try a prison record search. If a record is found, contact the prison administration. Also search for criminal records

The person may be in the military

Try a military record search. If a record is found, contact the appropriate branch of military service

I have a social security number SSN

If you have a social security number, you may request a social security number report that may provide the year and place it was issued, whether the number is valid, and an address history report. See the following topic on identity theft.

How do I protect myself from credit card fraud and identity theft?. 

The best way of finding out if someone else is using your identity is to request a SSN search that provides the names of all people using your SSN (hopefully it is just you) and the current and previous addresses, date of birth, age, phone numbers, etc. You can also request a background report on yourself.

I have provided free tips to protect your self against credit card fraud and identity theft

I want to know the person's relative or friends or
I want a comprehensive background check about someone

If you do not know of relatives or friends, then a comprehensive background check may reveal fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends he may have lived with. Background checks can also provide date of birth, a detailed address history, social security number report, property ownership, military records, prison records, death records, bankruptcy records, judgment records, lien records. This method may be the most cost effective, time-saving method to capture a person's history

I only know the person's first or last name and have the date of birth

By just searching by birthdate and first or last name, you may find the person.

I have the person's box office box number or I want to know the person's post office box number

You can search by post office number to find the owner or, if you know the person's name, you can find any P.O. box numbers

I may know the person's email address

If you think you know the person's email address, you may be able to find their address. Or try finding the email address.

The person may be in business

If the person may be in a business then try a business search on the person's name

The person may have judgments, liens or bankruptcy

You can search for judgments, liens or bankruptcy of a person to find Case Number, Case Type, Defendant, Address, City/State, HIS Court ID, Release Date, Liability,  Filing Date

The person is a doctor, physician, druggist, pharmacist 

If the person is a doctor or a medical person licensed to handle drugs, that person may be found by searching DEA license registrations

How can I find an adopted person

An adopted person search may reveal birth name, adopted name, sex, hospital, birth date, hospital, adoption agency,  birthplace


Selection criteria of a people finder service

  1. There are many people locator services that can help you find a person or data at a reasonable cost. Your selection should be based on quality, promise, wide range of services, value.

  2. Make certain that they have varied services that extract key information. Can they search public tax records, search property records, search asset databases, search voter registration records, search driver licenses, search social security records, search adoption records, search marriage license records, search divorce records records, search death records, search business directories and search public directories ? 

  3. Choose a people search locator service that clearing and honestly displays their service and prices. 

  4. People locator services that display and provide credit card support are more likely to be reputable than those who ask for your money order to be mailed

  5. The locator service should be able to search in all states: Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire ,New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia ,Washington, West Virginia ,Wisconsin, Wyoming. 





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